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Jewellery Making, jewellery workshops, handmade jewellery

Firebird Jewellery Studio has six workbench spaces fully equipped for jewellers with appropriate lighting and workspace accessories. Also, it has a wide range of handtools available for use as well as more complex equipment when you join our classes or use the facilities.

  • All basic hand tools – pegs /saws /files /measuring and marking tools /pliers /doming punches + blocks / vice / mandrels / drawplates / mallets / hammers / extensive selection of stakes etc etc.

  • Ring stretcher

  • Rolling mill

  • Barrel polisher

  • Bench polishers

  • Motor Polisher

  • Polishing clot

  • Hot-work area

  • Butane mini torches

  • Soldering blocks

  • Flux

  • Pickling and wet-work area

  • Ultrasonic tank

  • Guillotine

  • Pillar drills

  • Pendant drills

  • Vices

  • Wifi

  • Printers

  • Selection of reference books relating to jewellery techniques and art/design

  • Great natural light during the daylight hours

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